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The Swiss interest rate then fell harder than the bank had expected. On 28 January 2015 popped up even far below zero percent: minus 1.016 percent. Even after increase of the agreed storage of 0.7 percent the interest rate on the loan remained negative: minus 0.316 percent. The bank served the homes owner so basically to pay. However, the bank that went too far, she wrote in her letter about score hero of the interest rate: ‘ Steel Bankers uses a percentage rate of at least 0.0%. ‘

The borrowers were found to have read their mortgage contract. That made no exception for a negative interest rate. And so had to arrange themselves in a new role: Steel Bankers lending money and pay interest. The bank continued to refuse, which reached to the disputes score hero hack.

The disputes Committee swept the arguments of the reluctant bank resolutely by table

When the bank carried out complaints that the contract ‘ in no way suggests ‘ that the bank would compensate negative interest. Negative interest is also at odds with the banking system, “a reversal of the payment flows would disrupt the core function of the system ‘.

The disputes Committee swept the arguments of the reluctant bank firmly about score hero . Negative interest is more common, argued the Commission. And the bank certainly knew that the relevant agreement a “strong speculative character ‘ had. That was true for the agreed interest rate risk, but also for foreign-exchange risk.

The bank must now pay the arrears within four weeks. And the legal help too.

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In the year 2015, we acquired titles that we considered undervalued compared to their intrinsic value. As the year progressed, we have witnessed a phenomenon rather frustrating for investors ‘value’ that we are: titles dealing at bargain prices continued to cede ground, while many of those that we believed overvalued stocks soared even higher. Result? Whenever this happens, the deals get significantly more interesting, both in absolute terms as matter.Unfortunately, it is impossible to determine when the wind will turn. Both and also long as nervous investors remain eager to sell their shares at ever-lower prices, the highly-anticipated rebound only will manifest itself not. Fortunately for us, there is no time limit for being right.


That is why we consider that any shareholder must provide a horizon of at least three years, preferably five, when he entrusts its assets on the stock exchange.A few months ago, an individual expressed us his fears the markets, telling us that the time wall, it would not capture opportunities in gold at its disposal. This inaction stems from the same process that dictated it not investing this fall. As its primary source of information lies in economic news that circulate everywhere, we understand it will be tempted to act only when the negative headlines will be eased for a while.Tracks to negotiate at much higher prices when this wonderful time will occur? The question is to answer. Investors who currently sell certain securities at attractive prices  will certainly want to return to the stock exchange when the sky will be the least bit clear.

In our annual 2015 , we discussed several of our investment portfolio, including IBM (NY, IBM), General Motors (NY, GM), Apple (NY, AAPL) as well as a few others.In conclusion, we cannot predict what will happen in the world economy in the coming months. We know, however, that when the good weather comes, the clouds that is will be dissipated will away bargains with them!